Taylor has brown hair and brown eyes. As a fallen angel she has black feathered wings. In Cat Chronicles she is a brown tabby with a black muzzle.


Name: Taylor Barns

Sex: Female

Status: Alive

Age: 20 (Wrath), 22 (8th Book)

Species: Fallen Angel

Father: Hiroto

Mother: Fritz

Sister: Sania

Maternal Grandfather: Michael

Maternal Great Uncles: Lucifer, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael

Maternal 2nd Cousins: Azamat, Seth

Paternal Uncles: Asmodues, Beelzebub

Paternal Cousins: Alexandria (Alex), Jamie

Nephew: Stamu

Nieces: Raque, Maria

Brother in Law: Marco Nano

In the BooksEdit


  • Taylor's sister wasn't revealed to exist until the finale of the first series. This is because of her sister's son's importance in the offshoot series. 
  • Taylor is demi pansexual.
  • Taylor is modeled off of a friend of the authors. The two share personality.
  • Taylor in an early draft of the first series was to end up with Niko. This idea however was scratched.
  • The main author believes that Taylor will not have children, as Taylor doesn't care for kids. 

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