Description Edit

Ceon is described to have red/brown hair and intelligent green eyes. As a cat he is a pale brown tabby tom with green eyes and a darker patch over his eyes.

Information Edit

Full Name: Ceon

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased (killed in the Final Battle.)

Species: Human

Father: Mika

Mother: Alina

Sister: Nelau

Paternal Uncle: Vlad

Paternal Grandfather: Ion

Paternal Grandmother: Lavina

Paternal Cousin: Vlad II

Significant Other: Nanusaki

Daughters: Kathrina, Ira

Granddaughters: Lieva (Daughter of Kathrina),  Konoa (daughter of Ira)

Grandson: Vigne (son of Kathrina)

Great Granddaughters: Nessiah, Tortuga (daughters of Lieva)

Great Grandsons: Honi (son of Lieva), Ichi, Ni (sons of Konoa)

In the Books Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed by Ceon's creator that he did have a crush on Ira.
  • Ceon is jealous of Sabri, as he was once in a relationship with Ira.
  • In Volume 3.5 of Cat Chronicles it is shown that Ceon named one of his daughters after Ira.
  • Ceon's true love is Nanusaki, though he might still have feelings for Ira.
  • Ceon is confirmed to be a human and not a powerless angel/demon.
  • Ceon died at the age of 123. The reason why he lived so long is because Ira gave him some of her powers to make him live longer. 

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